Car Wash - Exterior Only

  • ​Diamond Exterior Wash ---- $20
  • Platinum Exterior Wash ---- $15
  • Gold Exterior Wash ---------- $12
  • Bronze Exterior Wash ------ $7

Car Detailing ServiceS

  • ​Diamond Detail ---------- $220
  • Platinum Detail ---------- $150
  • Exterior Detail ----------- $130
  • Interior Detail ------------ $120
  • Carpet Shampoo ------- $20-50
  • Seat Shampoo ---------- $20-50​ 


2543 Spring Rd SE, Smyrna, GA, United States

Professional Car Detailing & Car Wash

Smyrna AutoSpa

Car Wash - Full Service

  • ​Ultimate Hand Wax ----- $70
  • Hand Wax ------------------ $50
  • Diamond Wash ----------- $45
  • Platinum Wash ----------- $35
  • Gold Wash ----------------- $22
  • Silver Wash --------------- $20
  • Bronze Wash ------------- $17 

We are a professional car detailing shop and car wash.  Below are our car detailing prices.  Whether you are looking for a car wash to just knock the dirt off, or if you need a full car detail and carpet shampoo, we are your car wash for quality.  We have a very comfortable waiting area and we work hard to clean your car in a timely manner.   We are able to shampoo your car seats and your car carpet, and we can buff out scratches, polish, and then hand  wax your car.  We can professionally scrub, clean, and condition your dash and leather seats car seats.

If you are looking for car detailing or car wash prices, below is our menu.  We always have multiple car detailers on site, so we can take any detail at any time.  Feel free to stop by and ask the General Manager or Greeter for recommendations and quotes on what will make your car look best.